Number Plates

We are able to supply all types of legal number plates, most of which we make on the premises "while you wait". Back in 2003 new legislation was introduced so we will need to see personal identification and proof of entitlement before we can make the plates.


Ideally we need to see driving licence and the v5c but if these are not available, please give us a call on 01473 711131 and we can tell you if the documentation that you do have is sufficient to saisfy the legal requirements. 


On the premises we make all types of perspex plates, including,

Standard oblong, (GB's and coachlines).

Larger height 5" 6" plates, (GB's and coachlines).

Square plates, Motorcycle, (GB's and coachlines).

Import plates, 12" x 6" & 13" x 7", (GB's and coachlines).  

Range Rover sport, Rover 75, Jaguar's, (GB's and coachlines).


Pressed plates (white and yellow) are available, they take 2 days from ordering.

We supply vintage black and silver pressed plates.  They are available in Standard sizes and special sizes.  All black and silver plates take 2-7 working days from time of order.

We also can supply Fixings for your numberplates as well with a full stock of screws, caps, poly tops, sticky pads and metal or plasctic numberplate surrounds / holders.

With numberplates there are hundreds of possible variations, so if you have a question then please get in touch for us to help you.